Getting a Jumpstart in Selflessness

Rushing back to work from my lunch break, a lady on the side of the road flagged me over in a panic and asked if I could jumpstart her car because her battery went dead and she explained that she needed to take her baby to the doctor. 

 The car was parked further down the street and a man was standing outside of the car with the hood up. I evaluated the situation because I didn’t want to be robbed while trying to help, but I felt compelled to help her. I immediately glanced at the clock debating whether I should help her because I possibly could be late returning from lunch. 

 I turned down the street and parked the car then I dug into my trunk to find the jumper cables. While nervously waiting, the man hooked the wires onto the battery. I noticed a small child in the backseat.

 Recently, my employer was constantly threatening employees about coming in late. I was seriously putting myself in jeopardy to help a stranger. They charged their car and they thanked me deeply for taking the time to help them. I rushed back to work and I was about 15 minutes late.  It went unnoticed by my supervisor. I was fortunate and felt a great sense of gratitude to know that I helped someone in need.


A question to ponder….How many times are we faced with an important decision that would impact the circumstances or outcome of someone’s life while putting your own needs on the back burner?


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