Created for a Purpose: A Life of Transformation

Well, it all started with constantly winning spelling B’s in the second grade. As a child, I also enjoyed playing with my favorite alphabet toy which had cut-out cards and alphabet magnets which spelled words.

By the time I was in high school, I noticed my favorite subject was English. In college, I was encouraged to move out-of-state to gain writing exposure and expand my life experience. After years of self-discovery and exploration, I realize this is who I am…..a writer.

I have many genres of interest which include professional and personal works such as small business, copywriting, non-fiction, inspirational fillers, poetry, personal essays, greeting card writing. 

My writing interest includes social change, Christian and devotional writing, small business, and entrepreneurship, art & design, and fashion/beauty.

I enjoy most anything with substance and grit that grabs the heart and challenges the mind. I do not believe in limitations. I believe in transformation through Christ.

Look at a rare butterfly. It lives in a cocoon while inside its natural habitation, it is constantly growing. One day, it just breaks out of the cocoon and it is set free!

Thank you for visiting my blog. It was created to uplift and encourage others with God’s word and to create a vision to live out the promise that God has for each one of us and to see the world in a whole other dimension.

We are created for a purpose. It takes seeking the stillness in this hostile world to hear the faint whisper. It’s also by walking in complete faith and following the direction that the Lord has planned for our lives.

It’s not in our own power or effort, but it’s having complete trust in Him knowing that the Lord will lead us down the path of abundance and endless possibilities…

In Love & Blessings Always,

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