How Do You Like Your Meals….Hot, Cold or Lukewarm?

Last night, I went to heat up some leftovers in the microwave. When I took it out, it was lukewarm. I instantly popped it back into the microwave. I feel there’s nothing worse than cold spaghetti.

Instantly, I got a thought and I started to make a comparison between hot, cold and lukewarm Christians. God doesn’t want us to be cold or lukewarm either. The scriptures speak that it is better to be cold than lukewarm.

Another scripture that reminds me of this topic is stated, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Basically, what this means is that you can’t live your life as a Christian and still have one foot in the world system at the same time. You have to clean out all the unclean things in your life and pursue God intensely.

Even though some meals are supposed to be cold like potato salad or tuna fish, it’s the substance and type of food which makes it was it is. What are you made of? What is your substance? What type of person are you inspiring to be? Our character is constantly being shaped by our experiences. We constantly make decisions every day that affects our lives. What are you trying to maintain or sustain?

Most people don’t put much effort into living a Godly life which is based on obedience, faith, and discipline because they feel it’s not attainable, but God promises a life of abundance once you have accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Jesus did not come to condemn the world, but to save us.

We will not be perfect, but we are free from a sinful nature because Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. The best way to describe it is that He paid our debt for sin similar to paying off a credit card bill or car payment in easier terms. We no longer owe that debt and we can live free.

Most people automatically think of abundance as material gain, but the definition of abundance is not only promises of material wealth. He also promises peace, health, protection, strength, endurance, spiritual and natural gifts, and power along with a lot of other benefits through the power of the Holy Spirit to live a Godly life.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Whosoever opens the door will abide with Him.

Our Father wants us to have a passion to search the scriptures, attend a church, and communicate daily which builds a relationship with Him.

The Bible states to “pray without ceasing” that means continually. It’s an act of worship and reverence not a petition of requests. It’s time to praise Him for who He is and not what He does or can do. We have free will to seek Him with honor, passion and sincerity.

When you do, He will reveal Himself to you in unexpected and surprising ways. It’s not luck or by chance. It’s God. What type of Christian are you? Hot, cold or lukewarm? Maybe it’s time to turn up the heat.

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