The Unknown Road

The End of the Road-2005 Copyright Yolanda Berry
Artwork by Yolanda Berry

On my way to church one day, I was determined to finally make it there on time. There’s a new road that has recently been constructed that connects to another street. I normally take a left turn at the light instead of continuing on the new road facing me straight ahead, but this morning I decided to travel the unknown road to find out where it would lead me.

As I traveled down the road, I felt a little anxiety hoping that I wouldn’t get lost so I could make it to church on time.  On the path I normally take, I would have to wait at the stoplight for long periods of time since it was not a heavily traveled street on Sundays. 

 Fortunately, I discovered that the road turned out to be a shortcut to a major parkway and in return took me closer to my destination than my old, traveled path. While I was driving, I immediately started thinking about the decisions made in life. Some people are so set in their ways or habits that they rarely take the road less traveled. They are either afraid of change or afraid of where it may lead. They never consider an alternate route. Unfortunately, they waste valuable time waiting at a red light or traveling farther than they have to go.  Sometimes risking the unknown maybe is the exact solution we need to lead us to our destination.  

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